Colorado Muscle Cars

Welcome to!  All of the vehicles were purchased in the state of Colorado, and have been garaged for most of their lives.  Because of the dry climate and low humidity, and the fact that Colorado has not used chemicals on the highways until recent years, most Colorado cars are basically rust-free.  I've been restoring cars for over 30 years, including several award winning vehicles.

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If you have any questions, you may contact me at 719.395.2619, or email me at .  I've resided in Buena Vista, Colorado for over 20 years.

1964 Plymouth Valiant 
      1964 Plymouth Valiant Signet

1965 Formula S Barracuda 
       1965 Formula "S" Barracuda

1974 Camero Type LT
            1974 Camero Type LT

1965 Honda Dream 300            1965 Honda Dream 300

1986 Dodge Race Truck
    1986 Dodge Ram 50 "Race Truck"